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EDS Delivery Team – Case Study

EDS Delivery Team - Desktop Systems

The Challenge

Fujitsu Services were requested by EDS to support the rollout and implementation of many thousands of Desktop systems within the Inland Revenue. The systems required by the Inland Revenue were of a specific machine manufacture and configuration. This was to be pre-loaded with software that was designed to only work with the required configuration.

The Solution

We discussed with Fujitsu the exact specification required, going into fine detail regarding the type of motherboard, firmware, the graphics and chassis size. This ensured that the systems we sourced were correct to meet the requirements of the pre-load and software build required by the Inland Revenue.

This type of system was not available through any distribution or manufacturer channels. Sourcing the exact specification proved to be very testing and time consuming. We finally found a source for the systems, but were not officially authorised to purchase this type of system. Due to our experience and reputation in the IT market-place, the supplier trusted our integrity to only supply these systems to the one client. It was imperative that the product was available quickly to meet Fujitsu's requirement to fulfil the contract on time. This required sensitive negotiations, with the suppliers account manager to release a large amount of his consigned stock to fulfil the order. This was completed within a matter of days, and the product was delivered on the following morning, meeting Fujitsu's deadline.

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