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Fujitsu – Case Study

Fujitsu - Mobile Engineering

The Challenge

Fujitsu Services required a number of Mobile Communicators, used by their external support engineers, as hot swap replacements. The product was specially enhanced to integrate with Fujitsu's internal call logging system, so an exact model was necessary. The communicator had become end-of-life many years before, so Fujitsu did not hold out much hope of being able to source them. An inability to find the product would mean a vast reinvestment in a new communicator for the whole support force.

The Solution

We took the exact description, model number, and firmware revision from Fujitsu, to ensure that we were sourcing the precise product they required.

This mobile communicator had ceased production 4 years previously. The fact that the product had been enhanced and modified to meet their requirements, made the project even more difficult than we initially expected. We set about sourcing the product. Many days were spent tracking down the right people within the communicator marketplace. Eventually, we were put in touch with a large communications company, who were able to meet the exact requirements. When confirmation of the exact part was received, immediate shipment to Fujitsu was arranged. During the whole process we kept Fujitsu informed of our progress. The products arrived in pristine condition, including manuals and carry cases, which were not expected.

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